Earn clubmiles® Points

Earning points is easy! Simply book travel through our partner site below. Remember to log in to your clubmiles® account first to earn double points on your trip.

Partner Sites clubmiles®
Domestic Coach Ticket 475 950
International Coach Ticket 675 1,350
Domestic Business Class/ First Class Ticket 1,050 2,100
International Business Class/ First Class Ticket 1,850 3,700
Hotel Booking 750 1,500
Car Booking 300 600

Redeem Points for Rewards

It pays to travel when choice is your reward! Choose from the following:

  • clubmiles® Reward Card
    Starting at only 5,000 points. Valid at more than 80 retailers.
  • Car Rental
    One day car rental starting at only 10,000 points.
  • Hotel Night
    One night hotel stay starting at only 15,000 points.